Table 2013/2014

Results 2013/2014 

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WPNo.ActivitiesAct. leader 2013/2014
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led by UB
1.1 Collecting and analysis of EU good practices TUG                        
1.2 Mapping of universities’ innovation potential UNS            
1.3 Forming of Regional Programme Committee UM                        
1.4 Design and development of UIP UB              
1.5 Adoption, monitoring and tuning UIP UKG X X X X X
led by UKG
2.1 Benchmarking assessment of UNI structures/services TUHH                      
2.2 TSNA and market analysis BIPG X 
2.3 Reinforcement of  university structures and services UZ X
2.4 Establishment of 5 Business Support Offices UKG X
2.5 Improvement of the UNI regulatory documents UBL X X
2.6 Capacity building trainings of university staff UA   O            
led by UNS
3.1 Forming of Regional Programme Committee for BI/STP UZ                        
3.2 Development strategy for BI/STP TUG                
3.3 Capacity building trainings of STP/BI staff UNS            
3.4 Start-up training courses for university students/staff BSC             X
3.5 Trainings and services to tenants ICBL                   X
3.6 Networking and internationalization of STPs/BIs UA
led by UKG
4.1 Methodology for innovation management ZSI                
4.2 Defining of stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities UBL                      
4.3 Collaborative software platform for innovation management INT       X
4.4 Trainings for users of innovation suite UM                
4.5 Reporting on innovation metrics, monitoring and support UNS                    
4.6 Optimizing innovation methodology UZ                        
led by ZSI
5.1 Quality control and monitoring strategy ZSI                        
5.2 Internal monitoring and interviews of target groups BIC
5.3 External monitoring UKG                  
5.4 Inter-Tempus coaching UM       X         X X  
led by UBL
6.1 Consolidated Plan for dissemination and awareness UBL                        
6.2 Design, printing and publishing of promotional materials UKG               X    
6.3 Design and maintenance of web sites UKG X
6.4 Ten Information days and public appearances UZ X  
6.5 Five Workshops UM                    
6.6 Five Open door days UNS                        
6.7 Final Conference on modernisation of university UNS                        
WP7 led by UA 7.1 Sustainability strategy UA      
7.2 Innovation Ideas Competition BINS                      
7.3 Involvement of student organizations in UIP UBL   X
7.4 Trainings and services to enterprises UNS                
7.5 Improvement of collaboration within Triple helix framework BITF
led by UKG
8.1 Manual for contractual and financial management UKG                        
8.2 Overall project management UKG X
8.3 Local project management at EU level TUHH O
8.4 Local project management at WBC level BITF   X
8.5 Steering Committee meetings and reporting UKG                    
8.6 Preparing reports UKG                    

Legend: Activities O - carried out in the EU or Candidate Country, X - carried out in the Partner Country 
box_blue - Upcoming box_green - Completed on time box_yellow - In progress box_red - Overdue