Methodology for Innovation Management

D4.1 Methodology for Innovation Management

Methodology for Innovation Management 
Metodologija za Upravljanje Inovacijama

The Methodology for Innovation Management deals with the different aspects of the innovation management process starting from definition of ten recommended innovation management techniques, across the intellectual property aspects, review of innovation cycle phases with financial aspects to the software innovation management support. All of these aspects are elaborated in the separate chapters.

The introduction presents the general idea about the innovation management as a process. It gives the brief description of the WBCInno project and explains the background that led to the development of such publication and actors included in its elaboration.

The second chapter is focused on the innovation management techniques. Based on the Innovation Management and the Knowledge-Driven Economy, which deals with the overview of the trends and relevant actors in the innovation management process, the Methodology gives the list of ten recommended innovation management techniques that are most relevant for the development of knowledge-based economy in the WBC region. Innovation management techniques are presented as the set of tools and mechanisms which support the innovation process, helping individuals and organizations/companies to deal with the market challenges in a systematic way.

The Chapter Intellectual Property Aspects deals with the general IPR aspects in three countries of the WB region: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. This chapter also gives a preview of all types of intellectual property rights and the list of steps and procedures that need to be followed in order to protect those rights.

Innovation Cycle with Financial Aspect describes in details the innovation cycle, with its five stages as well as short preview of innovation financing issues: 1. Market research, 2. Analytic design and technical feasibility, 3. Detailed design and test, 4. Redesign and production, 5. Distribution and marketing,

In the last chapter of this publication, the software support to innovation management is described in terms of the special innovation management techniques used and their benefits for end-users of such software platform. This chapter also gives the detailed definition and description of Idea and Project Management workflows, along with the roles and responsibilities assigned within each of them. These workflows will be applied in the software platform that will be developed in accordance with this Methodology. A brief preview of the platform features is also provided at the end of the chapter, in order to get this idea closer to its end-users.