Manual for contractual and financial management

D 8.1 Manual for Contractual and Financial Management

Manual for Contractual and Financial Management

Projects such as WBC-Inno that have large Consortia require an efficient management structure. Most of the rules are defined by the Grant Agreement, but procedures for their practical implementation need to be designed by the participants. This is especially significant in situation when we need to comply the International rules with national legislation.
The main objective of this Manual is to provide support to project partners so that they can manage the project locally in an efficient and successful manner. By clearly defining the procedures for inancial and technical management, the communication between the project coordinator and partner will be simplified. Additionally, the project partners will be able to fulfill successfully their contractual obligations and to provide all necessary inputs with high quality to project coordinator whose responsibility is to further incorporate them in the Reports for the EACEA.
This manual deals with the two types of management: technical and financial management, including reporting and monitoring. It provides the clear picture what the objectives of such management is, the procedures to be followed as well as forms to be filled in.
Additionally, it offers very detailed definition of eligible and ineligible costs. It gives a well structured preview of all necessary supporting documents that need to be provided in order to justify adequately eligible costs, as well as rules for the tenders in order to facilitate the purchase of goods and services within the project.