Consolidated Plan for dissemination and awareness

D 6.1 Consolidated Plan for dissemination and awareness

The Consolidated Plan for Dissemination and Raising Awareness

Dissemination of project activities in the implementation of TEMPUS projects is a very important activity. The term dissemination to this and other TEMPUS projects has the meaning stated in the following quote.

The first version of the Plan for dissemination and raising awareness was written in February 2013. The document is being updated updated during project implementation as appropriate and with the consent of partners. Due to the importance of dissemination for the project, update of this document in the course of project implementation will be an important project activity.
Following the guidelines from TEMPUS handbook and documents regarding to Dissemination and Sustainability of the project, the Plan presents how the planned dissemination will ensure appropriate use of the results during and beyond the lifetime of the project.
It presents the dissemination strategy, the target groups to be addressed, different dissemination tools, events and dissemination calendar. All project partners will be actively involved in the fulfillment of the agreed objectives in this document and its updated versions.
The aim of Workpackage 6 is to disseminate project results, both among partners and within their institutions and outside the consortium. The main project dissemination goals are:
• to ensure the best coordination and optimal use of project resources and results during and beyond the lifetime of the project;
• to raise awareness of external audience about the project through a number of dissemination activities;
• to explain the project target audiences the benefits of strengthening universities structures and services for knowledge transfer, research and innovation;
• to make project outputs available to a wide range of stakeholders, within the WBC region;
• to communicate the project results to the target audience;
• to increase awareness of both project partners and general public regarding project issues and promote best practices that lead towards this direction.