1.1 Collecting and analysis of EU good practices
1.2 Mapping of universities’ innovation potential
1.3 Forming of Regional Programme Committee
1.4 Design and development of Regional UIP for WBC universities with defined focus and priorities
1.5 Implementation, monitoring and tuning UIP at UKG, UNS, UZ, UBL and UM

2.1 Benchmarking assessment of existing university structures and services in the areas of knowledge transfer, research and innovation
2.2 TSNA and market analysis
2.3 Reinforcement of existing university structures and services in line with UIP and
identified needs
2.4 Establishment of five Business Service Offices (BSO) at WBC universities
2.5 Improvement of the university regulatory documents and procedures for well functioning of management and quality control systems
2.6 Capacity building trainings of university staff

3.1 Forming of Regional Programme Committee for BI/STP
3.2 Elaboration of Regional Development Strategy
3.3 Capacity building trainings of BI and STP staff
3.4 Development and delivery of start-up training courses for university students and staff
3.5 Development and delivery of trainings and services to tenants
3.6 Regional networking and internationalization of BIs and STPs

4.1 Development of Methodology for innovation management at WBC universities
4.2 Defining of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders within innovation workflow
4.3 Customization and setting-up of collaborative software platform/tool for innovation management
4.4 Trainings for users of innovation suite
4.5 Reporting of innovation metrics, monitoring and ongoing support to innovation community
4.6 Optimizing innovation methodology along the way

5.1 Development of quality control and monitoring strategy
5.2 Internal monitoring and interviews of target groups
5.3 External monitoring
5.4 Inter-Tempus coaching

6.1 Elaboration of Consolidated Plan for dissemination and raising awareness
6.2 Design, printing and publishing of promotional materials
6.3 Design and maintenance of web sites (WBCInno and 5 BSO sites)
6.4 Ten Info days and public appearances
6.5 Five Workshops
6.6 Five Open door days at WBC universities
6.7 Final Conference on knowledge triangle

7.1 Development of Sustainability strategy of WBC universities
7.2 Innovation Ideas Competition for students
7.3 Involvement of student organizations in university innovation platform
7.4 Continuous updating and delivery of trainings and services to BI/STP tenants and enterprises
7.5 Improvement of collaboration within Triple helix framework in the WBCs 25

8.1 Preparing of Manual for contractual and financial management
8.2 Overall project management
8.3 Local project management at EU level
8.4 Local project management at WBC level
8.5 Steering Committee meetings and reporting
8.6 Preparing reports