Quality control and monitoring strategy

D 5.1 Quality control and monitoring strategy

Quality control and monitoring manual

The Quality Control and Monitoring Manual formalizes the approach that will be followed by the partners of the WBCInno project to ensure the highest possible quality of the project activities, outputs and outcomes and project management.
It is defining procedures for:
• Internal monitoring, quality and risk management,
• External monitoring, and
• Partnersí technical and financial reporting.

  • Annex A to QCM Manual_Checklist for deliverables_v03_final
  • Annex B to QCM Manual_deliverable template_v02_final
  • Annex C to QCM Manual_ppp template_v02_final
  • Annex D to QCM Manual_attendance template_v02_final
  • Annex E to QCM Manual_minutes template_v02_final
  • Annex F to QCM Manual_participant feedback form_v03_final
  • Annex G to QCM Manual_external monitoring report_v02_final
  • Annex H to QCM Manual_event report template_partner_v03_final
  • Annex I to QCM Manual_risks monitoring sheet_v02_final
All annexes are available only to WBCInno Consortium members within internal WBCInno platform at https://wbcinno.datastation.com/#/default/projects/taskview/44