Networking and internationalization of STPs/BIs

Training for business incubator representatives held in BITF Belgrade
Within the preparation of local Competitions for best student ideas, Business Incubator Novi Sad and Business Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade organized two-day training for trainers and Competition organizers in Belgrade on 27th and 28th January 2015. The trainings were designed as four three-hour modules in order to cover work on all start-up trainings competitors during the Competition.

Visit to the STP in Graz, Austria
Within the Act3.6, on 4th June 2013, the representatives of Business Incubators from WBC Region visited the Science Park Graz Ltd. During their visit, Mr. Bernhard Weber presented the vision and mission of the incubator, their financial sources, shareholders and sponsorship. Besides these, the WBC BIs had an opportunity to find out more about the innovation network in Styria, their infrastructure, coaching and funding modalities as well as some of the most successful projects (Tyro motion, SmaxTec, Sunny Bag, Single Cell Dimensions, etc.)

Visit to the STP Elche
Within Workpackage 3, the management of Business Innovation Centre Kragujevac visited Science and Technology Part in Elche (Spain). As part of the regional networking and internationalization activities of BIs/STPs, this visit made possible to gather comprehensive information on STP Elche activities. STP Elche is situated in the campus of the University that founded this entrepreneurial centre. This example of good practice will facilitate the application of certain procedures and standards in the Business Innovation Centre Kragujevac.