Involvement of student organizations in UIP

University of Kragujevac
Within the activity Act 7.3 Involvement of student organizations in university innovation platform, the WBCInno project was supported by four student organizations from the University of Kragujevac. In their Letter of Support, the student unions of Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak recognize the significance of their involvement in the university processes regarding the knowledge transfer, research and innovation and they will actively participate in raising the awareness of students, project dissemination and forthcoming activities.
Letter of support - FIN Kragujevac (Studentska Unija Mašinskog Fakulteta Kragujevac - SUMFK)
Letter of support - FTN ÄŒačak  (Studentska organizacija Fakulteta tehničkih nauka u ÄŒačku)
Letter of Support - HIT Vrnjačka Banja (Studentska organizacija - SAHIT)
Letter of Support - PMF Kragujevac (Unija studenata Prirodno-matematičkog fakulteta u Kragujevcu) 

University of Novi Sad
Letter of support - UNS (Studentska organizacija BEST)
Letter of support - UNS (Studentska organizacija EESTEC LC Novi Sad)

University of Banja Luka
Memorandum on understanding - ETF Banja Luka (Savez studenata Elektrotehničkog fakulteta u Banjoj Luci)
Opinion on signing of the memorandum of understanding

University of Zenica
Letter of Support - UZ (Unija studenata Univerziteta u Zenici)
Letter of Support - Intera Technology Park - Mostar
Memorandum on understanding - University of Zenica (Unija studenata Univerziteta u Zenici)
Memorandum on understanding - Centre for inovation and entrepreneurship (Intera Technology Park - Mostar)

University of Montenegro
Letter of Support  - IAESTE (Studentska organizacija za MeÄ‘unarodnu razmjenu studenata)
Letter of Support (Studentska organizacija Studentsko Vijeće mašinskog fakulteta univerziteta Crne Gore)
Letter of Support - LG BEST (Studentska organizacija LG BEST Podgorica)
Letter of Support - IEEE MN SB (Studentski odsjek instituta inženjera elektrotehnike Crne Gore)
Letter of Support - VSETF (Vijeće studenata elektrotehničkog fakulteta Univerziteta Crne Gore)