Collecting and analysis of EU good practices

D1.1 Consolidated report on EU good practices

Knowledge and technology transfer between science and businesses: Academic KTT Offices` Experience And Good Practise

The objective for the creation of the presented case studies was to highlight good practice of academic institutions` offices responsible for assisting and promoting KTT (knowledge and technology transfer) between the university and businesses.
The offices selected cover a range of KTT modes and have had many years of experience, in particular in dealing with SMEs. The following “modes” of KTT were surveyed:

• R&D collaboration, contract research projects, scientific or technological services
• Commercialization of R&D results by patenting, licensing
• Entrepreneurship (spin-outs from university, start-ups)
• Student mobility, career services
• Student projects with businesses
• Mobility of academics between science and businesses
• Involvement of businesses in curricula development
• Lifelong learning, training courses

The first part of the report presents descriptive information on the featured offices and their KTT services as well as quantitative comparisons.
The second part provides an assessment of different aspects of KTT in practice so new or recently established offices in the WBC countries may consider these.
A set of incentives is presented which may be suitable to motivate researchers to participate in KTT activities, dealing with financial incentives, awareness/appreciativeness, practical hands-on services, communication and training courses.
The assessment of factors promoting and hampering KTT with all three strands of the “triple helix” (SMEs (businesses) / university / government) gives some evidence, that it is primarily up to universities and their KTT offices to positively or negatively influence KTT as the widest range of KTT drivers and barriers is in their hands, at least in the EU which has generally standardized set of government framework conditions.
In the annex 10 case studies of good practice activities in KTT are presented in detail.

Study visits WBC - EU

List of collected EU good practices

  1. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Valorisation Centre,
  2. Graz UnList of collected EU good practices iversity of Technology, Austria, R&T House,
  3. Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Servizio Valorizzazione Ricerca,
  4. Fundación Zaragoza Logistics Center, Spain,
  5. University of Alicante, Spain, Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación,
  6. University of Brighton, United Kingdom, Centre for Collaboration and Partnership,
  7. Vienna University of Technology, Austria, Research and Transfer Support,
  8. University of Vienna, Austria, DLE Research Services and Career Development,
  9. Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, TuTech Innovation GmbH,
  10. University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom, Faculty of Environment & Technology,
  11. University of Wales, United Kingdom, Global Academy,