Visit to the STP Elche

Within Workpackage 3, the management of Business Innovation Centre Kragujevac visited Science and Technology Part in Elche (Spain). As part of the regional networking and internationalization activities of BIs/STPs, this visit made possible to gather comprehensive information on STP Elche activities.

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Students’ visits to BITF are organized

Visits to BITF were organized for students of Faculty of Organizational Science, ICT College of Vocational Studies, departments of Internet technologies and Postal and Banking Technologies, on three separate occations. Students had the opportunity to meet with the BITF business operating and enhance their knowledge and activities.

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Results of the WBCInno project and activities of CeVIP and CTC centers presented on the AcademLink Conference

The WBCInno project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic participated in the Conference “Capitalization of knowledge – profit through research”, held in April 2014, in Belgrade, Serbia. The idea of the conference organizer, Academic Link, was to provide solution for three basic problems that science in the Region is facing with: how to provide financial resources for research, how to publish papers in eminent international journals and how to apply research results in practice.

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