Third Steering Committee meeting and meetings of Regional Committees held in Alicante

The third Steering Committee meeting of the WBCInno project was held on 8th May 2014 at the University of Alicante, Spain. The participants were greeted by the representative of University of Alicante, Ms. Alexandra Mayr and the Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic. The Meeting was officially opened with the presentation of the overall progress of the WBCInno activities. After this initial presentation, WP and task leaders presented the progress made in the first 19 months in all work packages. In the last session of the meeting, the Project Coordinator presented the Action Plan for the following period followed by the discussion of all partners. The meeting was closed with the presentation of the status of Partners Annual Reports and Interim report submitted to the EACEA by the Project Coordinator.

During the second day on 9th May 2014, in the first session, two meetings were organized: meetings of the Regional Program Committees for the University Innovation Platform and for Development of Business Incubators and Science and Technology Parks. During the first meeting, the members of UIP Committee discussed about the innovation potential of the WBC universities, weakness and strengths, as well as the set of UIP recommendations that needs to be applied in order to facilitate the development of innovative culture in WBC universities. During the discussion, the special focus was on development of the collaborative software platform for innovation management, and short presentation of its main functions by the representative of Intranea Solutions that developed this platform. The main topic of the BI/STP Regional Committee was the set of measures recommended within the D3.2 Strategic Development Plan for BIs/STPs  in WBC Region. The Committee members discussed the action plan and proposed set of indicators for following the progress in this area.

The second session was organized within two parallel activities. The representatives of WBCInno incubators visited the Incubator in Elche within the BI/STP capacity building and networking activities. This was an opportunity to learn more about the Elche incubator as an example of good EU practice in this area.  Parallel with this, the Project Coordinator and Project Support Team held the individual meetings with other partners regarding the technical and financial management of the project.

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