Results of the WBCInno project and activities of CeVIP and CTC centers presented on the AcademLink Conference

The WBCInno project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic participated in the Conference “Capitalization of knowledge – profit through research”, held in April 2014, in Belgrade, Serbia. The idea of the conference organizer, AcademLink, was to provide solution for three basic problems that science in the Region is facing with: how to provide financial resources for research, how to publish papers in eminent international journals and how to apply research results in practice.The leading business portal in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, e-kapija, has published an article on the Conference. Within this article, e-kapija has presented the University of Kragujevac and its centers (Collaborative Training Centre and Center for Virtual Manufacturing) as a success story, emphasizing the significance of these units for improving the competitiveness of local enterprises. As one of the initiatives made by those two centers under the University umbrella, the article presents the WBCInno project and its efforts in the process of modernization at Western Balkans Universities.


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