The training “Technology transfer vs. technology incorporation”

On 3rd November 2015, the Business Support Office in Novi Sad in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad planned the training for Business incubator tenants and SMEs. The training within activity Act3.5.6 Module 6 “Technology transfer vs. technology incorporation” was organized by the University of Novi Sad team, particularly by prof. Vojin Šenk and Vesna Rašković Depalov. The training activities belong to Module 6: Technology transfer vs. technology incorporation.

The trainees were innovative small and medium size enterprises, Serbia. Prof. Šenk introduced definition and types of technology transfer. He emphasized facts and results of technology transfer in the world. Having that in mind it was very important for trainees to understand and accept different and successful approach called technology incorporation.

In the second part of the training prof. Šenk introduced to all attendees good examples of domestic technology incorporation and quantitative results. It was stressed also how to define company’s value. At the end, trainees had many questions and comments regarding innovation strategy. Prof. Šenk gave all answers.

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