The training “Building your fund raising expertise” held at University of Novi Sad

The training within activity Act3.4.2 Module 2 “Building your fund raising expertise” was organized by the University of Novi Sad team, particularly by prof. Goran Stojanović. The training activities belong to Module 2:
1. Building your fund raising expertise internally or through outsourcing
2. Horizon 2020

The trainees were university staff and PhD students from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Prof. Goran Stojanovic introduced all attendees with the possibility for applying with project proposals on national funds because it is expected that Ministry for education, science and technological development publish open call for new research project cycle during the November 2015. In addition, to this the Provincial secretariat for science and technological development will open calls for long-term project up to the end of this year as well as for short-term projects for special interests for Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

In the second art of the training prof. Stojanovic introduced to all attendees open calls within Horizon 2020. All participants had opportunity to have more details about the concrete call for MSCA-ITN-2016 which deadline is 12/01/2016. Prof. Stojanovic presented all rules within this call. After that brain-storming session started and some ideas for possible project proposal have arisen.

In the third part of the training prof. Stojanovic presented evaluation summitry report by the EC for one example of the project sent on the similar call in previous year. All attendees were fully aware of all requirements and expectations from the side of referees in order to be able to write a successful project proposal and the attract EU funds in the near future.

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