Presenting WBCInno project and its recent results on XII International Conference ,,KODIP 2014’’

Within the XII International Conference ,,KODIP 2014’’ held in Budva, Montenegro from 18th to 21st June in 2014, the audience was introduced with WBCInno project and its recent results, primarily publications. The conference participants were very interested for the project, which was supported by the fact that the all printed publications, catalogs and promotional materials were distributed. Also, within WBCInno project activity 2.3, Reinforcement of university structures and services’’ through the presentation of work entitled ,,DEVELOPMENT OF THE FORGING TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCING THE ARTIFICIAL HIP STEM THROUGH APPLICATION OF VIRTUAL MANUFACTURING’’ , the latest developments within the CTC and CEVIP centers were presented to scientific community at the Conference. 

Conference KODIP 2014

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