Advisory monitoring of the WBCInno project by EACEA and NTO

EACEA representatives Ms. Antonella Giorgio (Project Officer of WBCInno project) and Ms. Anne Spangemacher (new Project Officer for WBC Region) together with the National Erasmus+ Office representatives Ms. Marija Filipovic Ozegovic, Ms. Sofija Dukic and Mr. Nemanja Dragicevic visited the University of Kragujevac and WBCInno project on June 3, 2015. The objective of the visit was advisory field monitoring of the University and WBCInno project.

The introductory meeting was organised with the International Project Office and  at Department of Economics and Finances. The topics of the meeting was overall management of the TEMPUS project at the university management level.

After this introductory meeting, the EACEA and TEMPUS delegation had the meeting with the WBCInno project partners, chaired by the WBCInno Project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic. The representatives of Serbian partners (University of Novi Sad, Business Innovation Centre Kragujevac, Business Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade and Intranea Solutions), students from University of Kragujevac participating in the Competition, representatives of Department for International Relations and Department of Economics and Finances were also present. The meeting started with the presentation of the overall achievements within the WBCInno project held by Prof. Mandic. After the presentation, the discussion was initiated, when the students had an opportunity to share their experiences they have had during the competition. The topic of discussion was also the implementation of particular activities and sustainability of project results. The discussion was closed with EACEA recommendations for successful closure of the project.

After the discussion, the Project Officer responsible for WBCInno project, Ms. Antonella Giorgio, had a brief meeting with the PST team regarding the financial management of the project.

The meeting was closed at 14:00.

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