Workshop in Zenica

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 4th and 5th November 2014, within the WBCInno project, a workshop, titled “Development of the universities in regard to development of areas of excellence and collaboration with the business entities and scientific-technology parks”, was organized by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) of the University of Zenica (UNZE). This workshop gathered 170 visitors in total.

Workshop’s program and topics were meant for the employees of the scientific-technology parks, business incubators, and as well, for representatives of organizations and individuals interested in the field of supporting innovation and knowledge transfer.

At the beginning, a short presentation of project and its achieved results was given, and after that, participants had a chance to learn about innovation management methodology, knowledge transfer mechanisms, technology transfer, cooperation between universities and enterprises, the newly established Business Support Office of EIC of UNZE and a new Research centre of the Faculty of Health of UNZE, scientific-technology parks, energy efficiency and mini hydropower plant of the Public company for water supply in Zenica (VIK Zenica).

Guest lecturers from Hamburg (Germany), Brighton (UK), Alicante (Spain), Vienna and Graz (Austria) presented the experiences and praxis of knowledge and technology transfer (KTU), implemented at their home institutions.

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