WBCInno project promoted within the seminar „Industrial property supports innovations and business in the competitive world“

On Thursday, 26 February 2015, the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EC jointly organized seminar titled „Industrial property supports innovation and business in the competitive world“ within the IPA Project „Capacity Building of the Institute for Intellectual property through the Establishment of Information-Educational Centres of the Institute“. After the representatives of project management and the Foreign Trade Chamber greeted the participants, Mr. Slobodan Petošević, an expert on IP, held a lecture on: Intelectual and Industrial Property, Innovation and Industrial Property, Patent Protection, Technology Transfer and Industrial Property, what instigated very fruitfull discussion among participants. This seminar also presented many practical examples. On behalf of the Entrepreneuship and Innovation Center, here participated Prof. Dr Darko Petković, Director of EIC UNZE and Lamija Subašić, secretary, who introduced the Tempus project WBCInno, and put an emphasis on many joint features between these two projects.


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