The Training ,,Creative problem solving``

The training within activity Act3.4.3 Module 3 “Creative problem solving” was organized by the University of Novi Sad team, particularly by prof. Vojin Šenk. The training activities belong to Module 3: Creative problem solving. The trainings were organised et the company “Jugoalat” Novi Sad, on 31st October, 7th November and 14th November 2015.

The trainees were new management board of Jugoalat, Novi Sad, who has idea to resolve company’s problems and make successful company. Prof. Šenk made few hours introduction of the concept of creative problem solving and the methodology. These topic was divided into four subtopics:

  1. Getting out of the box
  2. Methodology explanation
  3. Template resources matrix
  4. 40 methods for combining resources

List of participants - 14.11.2015.
List of participants - 07.11.2015.
List of participants - 31.10.2015.

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