The Presentation of the WBCInno Platform

The presentation of WBCInno platform was organized on 25th October 2013 at the University of Kragujevac. The aim was to present the WBCInno platform as efficient tool for project communication and management, both technical and financial. The detailed insight in the platform’s features and capacities was given by the Project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic, Coordinator of WBCInno  and Mr. Zoran Torgasev, the director and owner of the Intranea Solution, partner in WBCInno

Since the WBCInno platform was recognized as the example of good practice for the successful project management at both Coordinator and Institutional level, this event gathered almost all relevant actors and stakeholders. Thus, the representatives of TEMPUS Office, TEMPUS Project Coordinating and Partner Institutions, Rectorate, Financial and Legal Departments, etc. had an opportunity to learn more about the financial documentation management, uploading and archiving the documents, financial monitoring and information exchange through the platform.

Besides facilitating and modernizing the project management processes and procedures, the Platform was also presented in terms of its original role, as the facilitator of the Innovation management process. Mr. Torgasev presented the ways in which this kind of tool has been successfully contributing to the collection of ideas, their filtering and transformation into innovations. This was also recognized as very beneficial tool in order to increase the innovative potential of the University and facilitate the exploitation of the research results and ideas, and their successful commercialization.


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