Study visit to Austria of the University of Zenica

Within the activities of the Tempus project “WBCInno - Modernization of WBC universities through strengthening of structures and services for knowledge transfer, research and innovation” (530213-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPHES), the visit to the Technical University Graz (TU Graz), more precisely to its Institute of production engineering (Institut für Fertigungstechnik – IFT), was organized. Delegation of CIP/EIC was consisted of persons who have participated in WBCInno project for the past two years, and as well, of students who won the best student business idea competition. Director of IFT, Prof. Dr Franz Haas, welcomed the guests, and in his introductory speech presented this renowned Institute, and than, he showed them the laboratories. After this tour, Prof. Dr Haas open a disscusion about the potential cooperation, and as well, about the specific RDI topics which are currently in the Institute’s focus.

We would like to thank to Prof. Dr Haas and IFT for enabling us to use the IFT’s classrooom to perform training for our students. Namely, during this visit to TU Graz, on Thursday and Friday, 19 and 20 November 2015, three trainings were held; first two, held on the first day, dealt with the topics of entrepreneurship and business plans, and the third was about the feasibility study, and it was held during the second day of our visit to the University. The lecturers were Prof. Dr Darko Petković, Prof. Dr Malik ÄŒabaravdić and Assist. Prof. Dr Fuad Hadžikadunić.

Within the study visit to Austria, on Friday, 20 November 2015, the teaching staff – members of CIP/EIC UNZE and a group of students visited one of the most modern cargo centers in Europe – Cargo Center Graz (CCG), which has, as a part of the logistics chain: the port of Kopar – CCG – the European Union (Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Lubeck, Hamburg), specialized in the container reloading and dispatching the goods from Asia to the end customers throughout Europe. With the modern railways and highways, together with the moder systems of downloading, reloading and storaging (more than 600 containers daily), CCG has grown, in only 12 years of its existance (founded in 2003), to the impressive 45 hectares of space needed for its diverse activities. Also, CCG is one of leaders in terms of logistics activities for the area of Styria as the industrial center of Austria. After this presentation of CCG’s activities, the guests went to visit the dispaching areas for textile goods, and also, they  saw several  highly equipped storage spaces. We would like to thank to the management of CCG for the pleasure which they expressed to the staff of CIP/EIC UNZE, and especially, for the invitation to the academic staff and students to continue, in the coming years, this praxis of visiting.

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