Fourth Steering Committee Meeting held in Zenica

The fourth Steering Committee Meeting of the WBCInno project was organized at the University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on November 6, 2014. The purpose of the SC meeting was to inform the WBCInno Consortium on the results of both technical and financial management of the project up-to-date as well as to plan the following six months of the project implementation. The Meeting was officially opened with the presentation of the overall progress of the WBCInno activities, followed by individual presentations of achievements made at five WBC universities. The next session was focused on discussions on particular activities which are ongoing and need more attention due to their significance for the further development of the project and their impact on the forthcoming activities, as well as on the internal and external monitoring of the project activities and their quality. Considerable amount of time was also given to the financial management of the project, with special attention to financial reporting aligned with the audit experience of two partners. The Meeting was closed with presentation of the Action Plan for the next six months. 

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