Benchmarking visit to University of Novi Sad

Within activity 2.1 Benchmarking assessment of existing university structures and services in the areas of knowledge transfer, research and innovation, partners from EU (University of Brighton UB, Hamburg University of Technology TUHH, Graz University of Technology TUG, University of Alicante UA and Center for Social Innovation ZSI) visited University of Novi Sad in the period of 29th to 30th August 2013.

The aim of this visit was to identify gaps by comparing benchmarking metrics, defined on the basis of collected 11 EU good practices and consolidated report (D1.1) on one side, and the results of mapping of research and innovation potential of the University of Novi Sad presented in the Catalogue (D1.2) on the other side. The result of this visit is benchmarking assessment report based on the filled in questionnaires and interviews prepared by TUHH and it will include recommendations for improvements of University’s research and innovation potential.

On the first day of visit EU partners visited the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad. They were welcomed by the head of the Department Prof. Dr. Vladimir Crnojevic and WBCInno team leader from UNS - Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic. At the meeting in the Faculty of Technical Sciences, they had an opportunity to hear more about the University of Novi Sad as well as the Catalogue of research and innovation potential of the University of Novi Sad, and results and achievements of the centers and laboratories at the Faculty (Biosence center, Center for Integrated Microsystems and Components, Laboratory for nano and printed electronics). After the meeting EU partners had an opportunity to meet with the representatives of different Incubators and representatives of local municipalities at Petrovaradin Fortress.

During the second day, EU partners delegation had the meeting with UNS management team, lead by Prof. Dr Miroslav Veskovic, Rector and Prof. Dr Pavle Sekeruš, Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation, UNS, RS. After that prof.Vojin Šenk presented UNESCO Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies and the process of transferring innovation in the case of UNS. Milana Vitas presented the University Center for Intellectual property. After that the visit to the best spin-off companies at the UNS: Company DMS Schneider Electric and RT-RK has been organized. In the afternoon session, all participants had a chance to exchange their experience with our EU partners.


  • Presentation of the Catalogue on research and innovation potential of University of Novi Sad,
  • Presentation of the Biosense Center,
  • Presentation of the Center for Integrated Microsystems and Components,
  • Presentation of the Laboratory for nano and printed electronics – promotional movie,
  • Presentation of the UNESCO Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies,
  • Presentation of the University Center for Intellectual property,
  • Presentation of the company DMS Schneider Electric Novi Sad,
  • Presentation of RT-RK.

All presentations are available only for Consortium members at the WBCinno Innovation Portal.

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